2014: Email from fans

*Copied with permission*

Dear Maggie and Marc,

Almost a decade ago, perhaps longer, my partner Carrie Stein and I had the great pleasure of visiting with the two of you at your winery. It was delightful. We liked your wines (you even gave us a bottle of a rose you’d just made), and met your son, who was, at that time (if memory doesn’t fail me, as it more frequently does these days) five or six years old. I recall that Marc, perhaps Maggie, too, was a hospital administrator from Pittsburgh, 35 miles upriver from my hometown of Steubenville, Ohio.

We bought your wines for a while and then, I don’t quite know why, fell out of the habit, as our tastes tended to gravitate more to European wines. Over the years, however, we’d occasionally take a bottle of your pinot noir from our stash and enjoy it.

Then, last night, we found the last bottle of Windward Vineyard pinot noir we owned, a 10th Anniversary 2002 Monopole, and had it with a chicken I’d rotisseried on a charcoal grill. We probably hadn’t had a bottle of Windward pinot for three or four years.

It was just fabulous — the best California pinot noir I’ve ever tasted. It had gone pale with age, and was  loaded with the kind of elegant, mouth-coating fruit that young wines just can’t muster, and had a remaining twinge of the acid that probably allowed all that fruit to develop over all that time. Bravo, you two.

It made us wonder how you were doing after all these years. Once again we were delighted, this time to find, in checking your web site, that you seem to be going strong still.

I think there is a connection between wine and time, I don’t just mean cellaring potential. That bottle of the 2002, and our memories of the two of you and our long ago visit, combined to make last night a special evening for us. Thank you.

Very best of everything,

James Ricci
Carrie Stein

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