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$30 Tasting Fee for a Vertical of 5 Pinot Noirs:

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2019 Asuncion Pinot Noir $48/bottle (Club $38.40)

The ’19 is an outstanding vintage. Hearty black cherry, cola, root beer and rugged earth aromas make for a bold nose on

this Pinot Noir. The palate is also rich and heavy with black plum and tons of intriguing spices, from cardamom to mocha

to dank herb. Wine Enthusiast – 90 points

2019 Monopole Pinot Noir $54/bottle (Club $43.40)

Paso is on a vintage “Roll”. The ’17, ’18, and now the ’19 are outstanding vintages in our 21st century’s 1st decade. The 19’s hue is

brilliant with a slight cast of violet, promising a mystical wine awaiting your first taste. Both nose and wild berry fruit palate are

consistent on entry of the “Noble Fruit” sliding gently into a velvety river that flows into our Windward Vineyard’s signature peacock

tail finish that seems endless.

2020 Monopole Pinot Noir $54/bottle (Club $43.40)

The 2020 Vintage is a near-perfect, 20/20. Clear vision of our 30 year-old vineyard's ability to achieve it's 1990 plantings' objective:

To produce a great American Burgundian-style traditional pinot noir. With it's subtle whiffs of violet aroma and ripe berry fruit on

entrance, it stands as an outstanding vintage; drinking beautifully on release with an honest propensity to age and gather layered

complexity with sustained balance of fruit, acidity and long phenolic finish

2021 Monopole Pinot Noir $54/bottle (Club $43.40)

The 2021Vintage emerged from the prolonged drought with profound intensity packed into its small yield. The wine opens with a

nose of earth tones and dried cherry aromas yielding to rich fruit on the palate with its first sip. The wine moves over the mid-sensory

buds slowly building its soft, velvety tannins. Windward Vineyard, true to its past 30 vintages, retains its unique "Peacock Tail" and

lingering finish as french oak from a year in Seguin Moreau Barrels makes its lush phenols evident by prolonging the wines presence

in our sensorium.

2019 Asuncion Barrel Select Pinot Noir $65/bottle (Club $52.00)

Black-plum liqueur, charred wood, anise and incense aromas make for a very ripe nose on this bottling. There's a touch of tension to

the palate, where baked black-plum and hickory flavors dominate.


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2021 Monopole Pinot Noir   

$54 (Club $43.20)

2020 Monopole Pinot Noir

$54 (Club $43.20)

2019 Monopole Pinot Noir

$54 (Club $43.20)

2012 Monopole Pinot Noir

$65 (Club $52.00)



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